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Human Innovation Concepts and its founder, Dr. James Leslie, provide Employee Assistance Program (EAP) representation for any size privately owned company and also for government, state and international labor organizations.

With its collaborative team of top-tier healthcare professionals and hand-picked treatment facilities, HIC offers your organization a multi-level approach to identify and resolve issues facing troubled employees through short-term counseling, referrals to specialized professional and certified treatment facilities and proven effective aftercare services which include yoga, meditation and music therapy at our beautiful Lake County offices overlooking picturesque Lake Dora and on-site seminars at your location customized to address your specific needs.

Utilizing HIC as your EAP representative offers your employees a safe environment on our 24-hour-a-day help line to discuss problems with one of our professional counselors who then make a confidential assessment, and if necessary, refer them to a mental-health professional.

As a certified veteran-owned small business, HIC also serves area veterans suffering from PTSD, substance abuse addictions and additional mental health issues.

HIC has what you need to help increase your organization’s bottom line and improve the quality of your workplace today!

Your employees are valuable resources and HIC will work with your team to help improve their quality of life and workplace efficiency.

EAPs were initially created in response to employer’s concerns about the impact of employee alcohol and drug addiction on bottom-line productivity. EAPs are now designed to address and help solve a wider range of social, physical and psychological issues confronting the workforce today and are an increasingly valuable tool for organizations across the globe. In addition to serving those employees with substance abuse addiction, PTSD and other mental health issues, HIC also offers positive solutions for employees experiencing workplace violence and hostile work environment, stress and personal/family issues that increase absenteeism, negatively impact presenteeism and overall employee productivity and life satisfaction.

“Employees from time-to-time have problems like all human beings and it is incumbent on good organizational policy to provide the resources that will aid employees in overcoming their adversities,” Dr. Leslie said.

Having an EAP is important no matter what size the organization and costs vary for companies depending on its number of employees. And consistent positive outcomes greatly justify costs associated, according to Dr. Leslie and his EAP clients.

According to a 2016 annual Employee Assistance Report by Workforce Outcome Suite, a division of commercial science, questions posed to more than 10,0000 EAP users from 20 different EAP providers showed increased effectiveness in five key components that optimize workplace functioning.

After 90 days of utilizing an EAP, those polled reported: 

  • 46.6-percent improvement in absenteeism.
  • 26.7-percent improvement in work presenteeism.
  • 12.8-percent improvement in those who were experiencing work distress.
  • 7.1-percent increase in work engagement.
  • 21.9-percent reported an improved sense of life satisfaction.

“Absenteeism affects small companies even more,” said Dr. Leslie, who is also involved in Human Resource Development and wellness research at George Washington University, Washington, D.C.., “If there are ten employees, and one is missing, that is ten percent of its organization. What do they do?”


The solution is to employ an experienced EAP provider as a valuable tool in reversing declining performance among valued employees. As employers well know, retention of an already trained employee is much preferred over the cost of hiring a new replacement.

What differentiates HIC as your choice EAP provider?

  • Executive Director, Dr. James Leslie, has more than 30 years of experience studying group and individual learning dynamics of sustained addiction recovery, receiving his PhD. from George Washington University specializing in collective/organizational learning to overcome substance abuse, PTSD, and additional mental-health issues.
  • As a certified United Nations International Labor Office (ILO)-Solve Course Director, Dr. Leslie offers specialized on-site training seminars and courses for organizations which provide a comprehensive understanding of the short and long-term ramifications of substance abuse/addiction, stress, tobacco use, workplace violence/ bullying, and other physical, psychological and social issues. 
  • Certified in Critical Incident Training.
  • Active, continuing involvement with Human Resource Development (HRD) and wellness research at George Washington University. 
  • HIC’s holistic aftercare and on-site training models.

The EAP plays a valuable role in helping employees address issues that affect them at work, home and in their communities. Subsequently, positive outcomes are a result for employers, employees, families and communities by:

  • Improving employee engagement;
  • Reducing workplace absenteeism and presenteeism;
  • Supporting employees and managers during workforce restructuring, reduction-in-forces, or other workforce change events;
  • Reducing workplace accidents; and the likelihood of workplace violence or other safety risks;
  • Supporting and managing the effect of disruptive and critical incidents; and disasters within the community;
  • Reducing healthcare costs, employee turnover and related replacement costs.

HIC additionally works with organizations in developing competencies for an improved quality of life, through planned educational trainings. These are constructed in collaboration with managers’ individual needs.

Past Performance:

Harley Davidson, Spirit Aero Systems, IAM, International Labor Organization, National Brewery Association, Southwest Airlines, American/US Airlines.


We appreciate the opportunity to discuss how our EAP and customized seminars might be incorporated with your efforts.




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